Reminder About Team Colors and College Colors & Nicknames…

I’ve been getting a number of notes regarding the broken images when attempting to view the Professional Franchise Team Colors and College Colors & Nicknames sections. First – yes, I do know that they are down, and secondly – I am working on a new format for the near future.

Instead of my former format – a static image of the color swatches with color descriptions, hexadecimal, or in some cases, actual Pantone information – I am looking at something along these lines:

  • A popup window (using PHP/jQuery against a MySQL database) that can be resized by the user.
  • Buttons/toggles that will allow instantaneous changes showing the colors (RGB/Hex) according to either Pantone standards, or when available, team-specified values. (Many colleges, NFL, NBA and MLB provide their own RGB, Hex and CMYK values along with specified Pantone/PMS values. I track ALL of this info.)
  • Buttons/toggles that will show the color palette as represented in different substrates – for example, coated paper stock vs. uncoated vs. matte, etc.
  • I am also contemplating allowing restricted access to Pantone/CMYK information as well…however, I would need to heavily monitor and secure access to this information, because as I have stated many times in the past, the individual schools, teams and leagues often don’t wish to have this information made public, and I do not wish to be a source for illegal profit from this data.
  • I can also provide a way to view the color palettes in different color spaces…the default is sRGB (Standard RGB), but I can also provide almost any color space including Adobe RGB, NTSC, etc. And in addition, I provide various illuminants (D65, D50, etc.) as well.

Sometimes, I think people miss the fact that I actually HAVE all of the data necessary to provide this depth of analysis; I have been doing this for a very long time, and have amassed a LOT of information. As far as I can tell, no one anywhere has compiled anywhere near as much data as I have. If you’re out there however, let me know! I would welcome anyone who shares my passion for this kind of info.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I have plans to provide my color data in a data warehouse as well – using Business Intelligence software, I have plans to make it accessible to leagues and corporations for “big picture” analytics and will elaborate more as time goes on. I would potentially use the DW analytics for monetary purposes, and leave the individual color palettes in the public domain.

My main sticking point with all of this is the technology needed to present the data; I am not a PHP developer and will need assistance in putting this together. Rest assured, I am working on it.

Let me know what you all think – I really want/need feedback from those of you who have interest in what I do, and who use the data I provide. What aspects do you like? What don’t you like? What would you like to see that I haven’t been providing in the past?

Thanks – I’ll keep updating as things progress.


  1. Chris Osburn

    I saw your comment amd definitely want to amend the article if the info wasn’t completely correct. Can I ask you a few questions about Pantone and MLB?

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