Pro Franchise Team Colors Updates

Hi – it’s been a little while since an update…I’ve been busy behind the scenes working on a number of team colors additions and corrections, as well as getting a few more sRGB optimization projects completed. And, I was also able to attend the Creative South GA conference in Columbus, Georgia last week; I’ll put together a brief rundown of my experiences there soon. Needless to say, I had a great time, met some great guys who I hadn’t had the pleasure to meet in person, as well as attend a fantastically run conference in the Deep South. Warm weather, good company. That train outside the hotel every morning at 3:30 however…

Here are the Professional Franchise Team Colors updates:

Most of these updates are simply a regeneration of the swatch images; I made some cosmetic changes a while back, and still have a number of these that use the older format. I will be continuing to redo these images as time permits.

However, you might notice the Canadian Football League section now includes the “Signature” uniform colors – the CFL introduced special event uniforms last season, and I have been able to obtain the official files and present the colors used. The NFL changes also include the Super Bowl 50 Gold treatment being applied to a number of their 2015 event marks. I will try to put together a page showcasing these 3-D effect graphics soon.

(And in case you’re wondering, I do have the new Cleveland Browns uniform graphics. I will be showing some details from them as well. However, I do NOT have the new Milwaukee Bucks graphics yet.)


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