Pro Franchise Team Colors Updates: National Hockey League

National Hockey League

Minor updates to the National Hockey League Pro Franchise Team Colors page:

  • National Hockey League (1926-1927 through present)

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  1. Matt Phillips

    Great job on the site! I just noticed that the colors for the original Canucks look (70/71-77/78) look way off though. The green is almost neon and the blue looks purple.

    • ColorWerx


      Interesting that you’d bring that up…was just discussing this very set at the Creative South GA conference last week. Believe it or not, those were the original designated colors – essentially Vikings Purple and the Seahawks’ Bright Green from their previous set. Seems crazy, but it has to do with the CMYK versions of those colors, and how they looked in the early ’70s. Obviously, they matched the fabrics to a much more Royal Blue and Kelly Green.

      I’ve been planning a blog post to discuss this; a lot of the older Pantone sets use highly questionable matches.

    • ColorWerx


      As I’ve stated before, all of the color swatches on this site are representative of official Pantone values. If a color swatch has an asterisk ( * ) in the lower right-hand corner however, it is an estimate. And, these estimates are based on Pantone values themselves as well.

      I keep meaning to put together a FAQ for this site, and hopefully answer the questions I get regarding the color data represented here.

      And to further clarify what I am trying to say here is that yes – the vast majority of the NHL colors I display ARE using the official Pantone values, but the reason why they are hidden has to do with the teams and leagues consider them to be proprietary information, and do not want them displayed on publically viewed websites. So, I only display the RGB-based color swatch, and the color description. You’ll notice that the collegiate colors DO show the underlying Pantone information; I decided to show them since over 95% of the color information I’ve compiled comes from the schools’s own public websites.

        • ColorWerx


          Technically, the Thrashers aren’t defunct – they’re just the Jets v2.0 now. I believe the NHL still holds rights to the name, logos and colors, and would still be protected intellectual property like any of the former teams would be.

  2. Hi Donovan,

    No matter which sports category I go to, when I click on the link to see the color swatches i get this: “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.” Am I doing something wrong or is the website being wonky?


    • ColorWerx


      If you take the time to read the front page of the site, I am in the process of reloading all of the pro and college colors. And, providing updates to my progress as I go along.

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