Pro Franchise Team Colors Updates: National Hockey League

First things first: I was able to complete the all-baseball-leagues-except-for-the-MLB portion of the team colors section:

And then as promised, I cranked out all 564 color palettes for the NHL:

  • National Hockey League (1926-1927 through present)

My plan for now is to take a break from the palette re-generation to concentrate on some personal items that I’ve been neglecting (!), and then tackle some database modifications for the collegiate side. These mods will coincide with the beginning of re-generating the College Colors & Nicknames section, as well as continuing to flesh out the Pro Franchise Team Colors section.

Obviously, it would be wise for me to get the other “major leagues” completed – including the MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS, etc. – and then address getting all of the rest of the leagues done, especially the minor hockey leagues.


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