Pro Franchise Team Colors Updates: National Football League

NFL Shield - Primary Mark: 2008-present

National Football League

So – I’ve gotten all 1,037 NFL color palettes/images reloaded to the site:

  • National Football League (1922 through present)

That makes 6,510 palettes/images re-upped so far. And, I still have the MLS, WNBA, D-League, indoor football leagues, lacrosse leagues, other soccer leagues, etc. to do. Not to mention all of the four-year colleges.

Lots to do (as always). I know I keep saying this, but I have GOT to take a break from all of this and re-work a whole bunch of database stuff to get my College Athletics database up to par with my Pro Franchises database. I had made some significant changes behind the scenes for the pro database, but haven’t as of yet made them in parallel for colleges. Then, I can get back to regenerating the images for four-year schools.

One more thing – I made a cosmetic change to the menu system in the upper right-hand corner of the site…hopefully now, others can see how to get to the Pro Team Colors and College Colors & Nicknames sections more easily, although you still need to click on the Menu Bar in the corner to see the dropdown for Graphics Projects and Misc. Projects. Please let me know what you think of these changes.


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