Pro Franchise Team Colors Updates: Misc. Leagues

Women’s National Basketball Association

I decided (yet another change of direction) to put the College database modifications on hold until I get all of the Professional Franchise Team Colors section completed. Keeps me more focused on pro, and then I can concentrate on getting all of the college color palette images recreated. So, here’s tonight’s offering:

One of these days, I’ll try to explain why leagues are split up the way they are in terms of league name changes. Has to do with another layer of complexity in regards to querying the data and the difficulty of reporting the information.

Most of what remains are some of the older football (outdoor) leagues, the remaining soccer leagues (indoor and outdoor), lacrosse, minor (and a couple major) basketball leagues, misc. leagues. Getting relatively close to completion.

Oh – and I’ll try to get the NHL updated as soon as I receive the soon-to-be-unveiled Florida Panthers logos.


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