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Pro Franchise Team Colors Updates: Misc. Lacrosse Leagues

Finishing out the outdoor and indoor lacrosse leagues tonight:

Outdoor Leagues

Indoor Leagues

On to the miscellaneous leagues…and, someone nicely took the time to write me an email asking about Ultimate Frisbee League teams…I do not have any color (or league/franchise) history for them, but if someone does, let me know and I can work on getting a page (or pages) created. And if there are other leagues you’d like to see, let me know. I do have some color info for some of the women’s football leagues…may try to work on them in the future as well.

European (and even World Cup) Football – especially the Premier League – is a priority too. Would love it if anyone out there has any official graphics, or at least official color/colour information they’d like to share. I have some, but not anywhere close to a comprehensive collection.


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