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Pro Franchise Team Colors Updates: Minor Hockey Leagues Part 2

I have been able – since getting back from a few days out-of-town – to get the remainder of the minor hockey leagues completed:

Utah Jazz

In addition, I also made a change to the NBA’s Utah Jazz entry due to today’s unveiling of updated marks and uniforms:

  • National Basketball Association (1949-1950 through present)

The colors however, remain somewhat unchanged, other than the dropping of Gray – which was only present as an accent color in the marks.

I also updated the NBA Primary Marks Project with the new Jazz primary marks:

  • NBA Primary Marks

I still need to update the 2011-(now 2016) Graphics Project to reflect the new season range.

Soon, I will move on to getting Major League Baseball completed; no small task – it requires the generation of over 1,100 color palette images. Then, I’ll probably tackle the NFL, followed by the WNBA and D-League before moving on to other leagues like Arena Football (and af2), Roller Hockey International, etc. And then there are the colleges…



  1. Craig Lasky

    When I look up some leagues I see a line through the colors and restricts me from seeing the palettes. Is that becuase you still have to update the colors or is because device is not compatiable?

    • ColorWerx


      Which leagues in particular? I will say that the strikeout lines indicate broken links…once I have the leagues updated, the links should work again.

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