Pro Franchise Team Colors Updates: Major League Baseball

Well, I was able (as I had hoped) to get all 1100+ Major League Baseball color palettes uploaded to the site. Here they are (divided into three groupings):

The “Major League Baseball” section contains the league marks, event marks, etc., while the other two contain the team information. Obviously, one downside to this configuration is that franchises such as the Astros and Brewers get split up onto two different pages. It’s a database thing. Trust me, it’s a little better this way.

Also note that approximately 99% of the MLB team and league marks are considered “official” colors. No asterisks (‘*’) in the vast majority of the color swatches. This is due in part to my own research of official documents and files, but also greatly due to the color estimation provided by Major League Baseball as part of their somewhat-recent Cooperstown Collection initiative in which all team colors were estimated (where there were no official color specs available) back to 1900. I have a small handful of nitpick-y critiques on a few of the color choices, but for the most part, these are GOLDEN. And as always, keep in mind that the provided Hex/HTML and RGB values are based off of the current Pantone specs; these aren’t going to match the team-specified RGB values that the MLB has been providing for the last couple of years. I do track all of those as well, but I choose to use the official Pantone specs; this way color comparisons across all teams, leagues and sports are performed as an “apples to apples”-type of comparison. I have HUGE issues with these custom RGB choices, and hope to make some time in the near future as to why I think they’re so wrong.

At this point, baseball and hockey are complete. As complete as they will be at this time.

Since I’m starting a new full-time contract-to-hire job in the morning, it will be more difficult to carve out the time to generate the remaining palettes. However, I am planning on this order (for now):

  • National Football League
  • Major League Soccer
  • WNBA
  • D-League
  • Arena Football League
  • arenafootball2
  • North American Soccer League
  • Indoor and outdoor lacrosse leagues
  • Other remaining football leagues
  • Other remaining basketball leagues
  • Other remaining soccer leagues

Once I complete the NFL, the rest of the leagues will be able to be completed fairly quickly; look for the updates as they happen. THEN, I have to get back to the College Colors & Nickname section…


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