International Hockey League - Primary Mark: 1993-2001

Pro Franchise Team Colors Updates: International Hockey League (1946-2001)

International Hockey League - Primary Mark: 1993-2001

International Hockey League

I’ve been working on cleaning up my data for the International Hockey League (1945-1946 through 2000-2001 seasons):

Correcting some mistakes from long ago, I’m afraid.

I want to also mention, you’ve probably noticed that there are still quite a number of “unknown” color sets (especially in regards to minor league baseball and hockey); I’m sure I could spend a lot more time researching, but I wanted to reach out to those of you who like this kind of thing to ask for your help. I can’t always keep up with everything there is to do to build up the historical team colors record – if any of you have additional information or have the time to spend looking through search engines to find decent quality logos and/or uniform pics I’d appreciate it.

As a reminder, in regards to how my color sets are presented, any color swatch with an asterisk (‘*’) in the lower right-hand corner is an estimated color:

Team Colors - Estimated Color

Example of an estimated color (asterisk in lower right-hand corner).

If a color swatch does not have an asterisk, then it represents an official color (more often than not, a Pantone/PMS value).

How I estimate colors when I don’t have the official vector files or an official logosheet or some other legitimate document are as follows: find a decent quality logo (raster), and use a color eyedropper tool to find a good measurement of the individual colors. I take the measurements into my own custom application (MatchWerx™), to determine the closest Pantone/PMS match. This matching process not only works against current Pantone specs, but historical measurements as well. Along with matching against various color spaces (sRGB, Adobe RGB, or even the many different color libraries included in Adobe Illustrator). Sometimes when a close match cannot be determined, I will use my knowledge of the Force Pantone’s color library history (when certain colors were added to the libraries, what colors were often used during certain time periods, etc.) in order to make reasonable guesses.

I would not expect this kind of accuracy from someone who does not have these tools at their disposal (!)…I am more looking for these types of suggestions:

  1. “[Minor League Team X] was a farm team of [Pro Team Y]; they wore the same uniforms during that time period.”
  2. “I know [Minor League Team X]’s colors were Blue and Red…I think the Blue was a darker blue, and the Red was a standard Red.”

Both of these examples are helpful and can be very useful. Color descriptions are also nice to have, and would be great as far as keeping the historical color record accurate, but they often don’t mean a whole lot in terms of color accuracy. For example, when I see this type of description – “Deep Pacific Forest Green, Mountain Sharkzz Blue and Frozen Tundra White”, it really only tells me that the team had an overzealous marketing department; not really all that helpful. What I’m ultimately looking for is this – PMS 350, PMS 285 and White. Or at least reasonable estimates that get me close to the intended colors.

I am heading out-of-town on vacation tomorrow for a few days, and then will have a few days at home after I get back before starting a new full-time job. So, my time to sit at home and work on this stuff all day will come to an end. But rest assured that I will continue cranking out color palettes and PANTONE Digital Standards Projects as best I can with the time that I do have.


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