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Pro Franchise Team Colors Updates: COMPLETE

So…I now have the remainder of the pro team leagues’ colors completed:

That makes 8,045 individual color sets added to the site. Not individual colors; individual color sets.

As far as looking for color information goes, you all can stop using Wikipedia or that other “team colors” site now (!)…if you’re looking for decades-worth of exhaustive painstaking research, along with unmatched accuracy and access to official documents and vector artwork, you’ve come to the right place. I pride myself on delivering the best, most accurate color information anywhere. The only argument one might be able to make, is that a couple of these other sites use the team-specified RGB values…well, I’ve got that information as well, and if it’s really that important to a portion of you – I can provide it as well. Let me know your thoughts. Keep in mind that for the most part, pretty much only the MLB, NFL and NBA/WNBA/D-League provide these alternative Hex/RGB color specs. Most (like, for example, the NHL) only provide Pantone values…so, when comparing colors using current Pantone digital standards, it’s an apples-to-apples type-of match.

I kind of enjoyed leaving Roller Hockey International to the end – I have a number of physical logosheets for the teams, so a large portion of the colors displayed in there are official. Of course, reflective of the confirmed Pantone values. And, the color palettes reflect the design madness of the ’90s perfectly.

It’s now time to get all 5,000 or so college colors back up…I will say that I will be just providing Hex and RGB (like the pro sets) this time around. I also have a number of Bowl Game and college conference color sets as well; I will be adding them in the near future.




    Well, I don’t know about others, but I, for one, am actually SMARTER for having looked over your spec sheets. I was just telling someone the other night that the Atlanta Falcons used to have GOLD in their original color scheme (for GA tech), and the person was like, “really, I didn’t know that….”

    And based on these specs, I have some of my own (personal) projects coming up.

    But anyways – I do have a question. So if a team changes colors, does their logo coloring change also? Or is the optimized color only for print of non-logo-related items? So for example, when the Pittsburgh Steelers changed their color optimized Black, does that mean the logo ITSELF should have that new Black applied? And would that mean that the [color optimized] logo would necessarily change every time the colors themselves did?

  2. ColorWerx


    I probably haven’t been too clear about this – I’m not actually changing color values when I produce these “RGB-optimized” or “PANTONE Digital Standards” graphics. I’m just adjusting the RGB values to reflect the digital representation of the colors. And by adjusting, I mean that I’m using the current specifications that Pantone provides for reproducing their color libraries on computer displays.

    Most of the graphics you see on the web are produced using Adobe Illustrator’s ACE (Adobe Color Engine). ACE is a sophisticated set of algorithms for reproducing color for print and/or for RGB. Older AI Pantone color libraries provided a conversion from CMYK to RGB – which tends to be a poor digital (RGB) representation of the colors – but the newer version of AI now use the “Color Book” methodology which converts from CIE-Lab. A MUCH better conversion process. However, this has caused confusion with designers and print shops, because the color specs are no longer based on CMYK/process color, and Pantone has been trying very hard to educate everyone to either use printer profiles for process simulation color, or use the existing PANTONE Color Bridge swatch books, which provide CMYK values for their Pantone Solid Color library.

    I realize this is all confusing (and I probably just made it worse). I’ve been planning to address all of this in a future post.

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