Canadian Football League - Primary Mark (English version/Dark Gray background): 2016-present

Pro Franchise Team Colors Updates: Canadian Football League

Canadian Football League - Primary Mark with Wordmark 1 (English version): 2016-present

Canadian Football League

I have regenerated and updated the Canadian Football League (CFL) Professional Team Colors (Colours for my Canadian friends) page:

There are three teams with color modifications coming for the 2016; the B.C. Lions, who essentially just standardized their Orange, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who apparently have eliminated Silver from their color palette (still remains to be seen if this is true in regards to their uniforms), and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who have altered their colors to a more traditional Royal Blue and (flat) Old Gold.

I have a fairly extensive collection of official CFL graphics that I have used in order to compile this information; including one of my prize possessions – a 1994 CFL Uniform Style Guide (physical sheets) that not only supplies official uniform and color specs, but also include a number of the American franchises from that time period. Some great layouts in there I should scan and post sometime, including the Las Vegas Posse, Sacramento Gold Miners, Shreveport Pirates, and the Red, Blue and Gold Ottawa Rough Riders.

Since the CFL modified their league primary logo for the 2016 season, I am expecting a number of changes to their “miscellaneous” marks – for example, the event logos, and awards marks will no doubt being getting new designs. I will update as the changes are made.

I also have official graphics for the “Signature” uniforms that were introduced last season…I have been contemplating creating a project showcasing those graphics as well.

Oh – and one last point I feel that needs to be made: if CFL Creative Services and/or the graphic designer(s) for the Toronto Argonauts are reading this, you should know that the Argos’ “Cambridge Blue” (the lighter Blue in their palette) references a now-discontinued Pantone Goe color. Pantone has added a new color to their solid color library that matches it exactly. I can help you with the specs of this color if need be…!


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