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Pro Franchise Team Colors Update: American Hockey League



I have finally begun bringing back the Professional Franchise Team Colors section…BUT, despite some of the feedback I’ve gotten, and despite some of the formats I had promised on Twitter and Facebook, I have (for now) decided to go with the old format of using PNG images.

However, there have been some modifications made to these images; now they contain both the Hex/HTML value, along with the corresponding RGB values.

I also wanted to take the time to explain some things about these color swatch images – I think over the years that I have been providing these, some things have gotten lost in translation:

  • These color swatch images are screen grabs of Microsoft Access reports from my custom-built databases. It’s quite time-consuming to have to generate all of these images manually, but as of right now, I believe it’s the best way to present the data, and to also have it protected from potential data mining. I have the process of running the report, using SnagIt to capture the image and have it saved it to a file down to about 22 seconds. Somewhat fast, but it adds up when talking about 10K+ images between professional and collegiate color sets.
  • The vast majority of these colors represent official color values specified by the teams/leagues/schools.
  • The Hex and RGB values represent the current digital standards specified by Pantone in the sRGB color space. If there are non-Pantone values specified, every attempt to obtain the current specs of the individual colors have been made.
  • Only those color swatches containing an asterisk (*) in the lower right-hand corner of the swatch are estimates (see example below). Estimated colors however, are always matched to the closest Pantone solid/spot color. I use a custom-built database application called MatchWerx™ in order to facilitate this.
  • These colors represent the solid/spot values designated by the teams and leagues. Keep in mind that I store EVERYTHING color-related in my databases – custom RGB/Hex/CMYK values, grayscale values, textiles, threads, twill, etc. What you see here is just a small sampling of the total amount of data.
  • These colors also represent the colors digitally as if they were printed on coated paper stock. One of the major changes I’ve made behind the scenes, is a way to run these reports to represent any substrate (coated, uncoated, matte, for textiles – cotton or paper, etc.) without having to store separate color sets. (I may need to explain this in further detail!)

These league sets will take some time to get back up in the new format, but check back periodically to see them as they get updated. The College Colors & Nicknames section will be worked on in conjunction with getting the pro leagues up as well.

Also, let me know what you think of this approach, and if there are any questions going forward.

Team Colors - Estimated Color

Example of an estimated color (asterisk in lower right-hand corner).



  1. Maxim G

    Donovan BIG and GREAT work! Many thanks!!!!!
    A small clarification. San Antonio inaugural season-2005. In your guide used BLACK. See oficial team info:
    September 4, 2002
    Team unveils their home and road jerseys for their inaugural season. The home jersey has a white body, with a light gray, blue and navy blue trim, while the road jersey has a blue body with a light gray and navy blue trim. Both jerseys display the Rampage logo on the chest with the secondary logo appearing on the shoulders, and the words “San Antonio” written across the bottom of the uniform. SP Apparel, the official supplier of the American Hockey League produced the jerseys.

  2. ColorWerx


    Thanks for the note. In looking over photos of the Rampage’s original logo and uniforms, I’m starting to question ALL of the colors I have for them. I think that their original primary mark used a different lighter Blue than I have, and it almost looks like they also used Metallic Silver.

    I’m thinking that they used (as you mention) Navy in the uniforms, and possibly Black in the primary logo…I’ll continue going over my archives and see what I might be able to find.

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