I’m Back…

Well, I have decided to bring the ColorWerx site back online…obviously, with a new look-and-feel, but will eventually have some additional changes as well.

You’ll notice that the color swatches for the Pro Team Colors and College Colors & Nicknames sections aren’t working – I’ve been contemplating how to best display them, and don’t have a good answer as of yet. I will however, start providing HTML values instead of color descriptions (or Pantone values, in the case of a couple leagues and collegiate information). I will more than likely begin putting a few leagues and schools back up using the old method of generating individual swatch reports (over 11,000!), but it will take quite a bit of time to get all of them up in this format.

I would LOVE to have the ability to provide all of this in a searchable database format instead of generating thousands of individual reports, but am stuck on exactly how to do this. As you’ll see described in the new FAQ page, I already have all of this information stored in a series of relational databases, but am unclear how that can potentially translate to a WordPress site. I am open to any and all ideas.

I am also working a number of “big picture” initiatives for the data I’ve collected; I hope to have some of these plans fleshed out a bit in the near future and will share my vision when I can.

Please take a look around, tell me what you like or don’t like; I’ll be tweaking the design quite a bit in the next few days or so, and will also continue working on the presentation of the color data. I’ll also be continuing a couple of other projects, including the NFL Jersey Number Countdown (if you’re following me on Twitter, you’ll know what this is), along with similar projects for the NHL and NBA.


  1. Thank you so much for bringing the site back! The new version looks pretty slick.

    A searchable database would be amazing if you can swing it. Hopefully you can figure something out.

    All the best.

    • ColorWerx


      I am hard at work trying to figure out some things that would REALLY make this thing cool. I see I have a bit of competition out there now…need to step up my game.

  2. Well…here’s a thought. If you have a “searchable” database, you could make it work something like a pay-for-play kind of deal. What I mean is this. If the user only wants 1 color set for 1 team, maybe you could have the single page work by a series of scroll-out menus (i.e., NFL scrolls out AFC, which scrolls out East, which scrolls out the 4 teams and the user hovers and clicks to get the one they want to display). This puts a cookie on the PC behind the scenes where you can only select 3 or 4 from a given league in a given day. But, if the user wants to become a “power user” (different cookie), they can pay a fee (and get a “pass code”) and get a report for an entire NCAA conference or an entire sports league in one report. This gives you a way to regulate flow, and generate cash flow all in one site. /// Just a question – are the HTML hex codes on your outputs going to be the color-corrected values, or the league-approved/team-specified values? // Great work as always! I appreciate all you contribute to the world of color.

    • ColorWerx


      Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. Right now, I’m moving towards a PHP/jQuery/MySQL type of architecture; as I continue my research, I’ll be able to elaborate what my intentions are a bit more clearly.

      Not sure about the payment structure; my bigger plans for the data might constitute some sort of secure/subscription model, but I might make the RGB/HTML information accessible.

      (There is apparently some competition out there now, but that “other” site doesn’t exactly have a lot of information as of yet, nor is it all that accurate.)

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