NCAA - Primary Mark: 2000 through present

Continuing With College Colors & Nicknames: New Conference Format

If you haven’t noticed, I have been continuing to generate conference-specific pages for each NCAA Division I conference. Here are the new ones since my last post:

And as I’ve mentioned, I have been updating the enrollment figures for each school as I’ve been going along. However, it has been pointed out to me that my source for these numbers might be outdated or inaccurate. I would appreciate any suggestions for sources on accurate institutional information.

I feel that I should explain my criteria for determining which schools are included in each conference listing; I am trying to avoid schools being listed in multiple conferences if possible:

  • Only include current, full-time member institutions.
  • Exclude affiliate/associate members.
  • Exclude schools that are considered football-only members.
  • Exclude schools that will be members at a future date.

I am also planning to provide an index of all schools in order to easily locate a school within a conference. Fortunately, this index should be fairly easy to build, based on how I have structured the data.

And as before, here is a gallery of all of the conference primary marks…so far, I’ve been able to find official versions (read: vector) of all of the conferences:



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