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Completing NCAA Division I Conferences: New Conference Format

In case you hadn’t noticed, I was able to complete the NCAA Division I conferences over this past weekend. Here is the list of conferences I finished up since the last post:

It took quite a bit of time to clean all of that information up, but I think the new format – both the new color swatch format, and the new method of grouping by conference – makes it worth the while in the long run.

I need to take a bit of a break for a while (personal stuff I’ve been putting off), but I plan to get back to this soon starting with the NCAA Division II conferences. In the meantime however, I have also been replacing the Professional Team Colors pages with new “Portfolio” pages that allow me to use league-specific logos in the headers. I think it’s better visually.

One question to all of you who might be reading this: what is it about some of what I’ll call “rival” color sites do you find appealing? The complete lack of accuracy of these sites notwithstanding, what is it that makes these other sites worth using as references for color information? Maybe it’s my own ego, but it boggles my mind when I hear that both professional and amateur designers are using these pages. Would really appreciate the honest truth and criticism of what I have been doing here (in various forms) for the past 15-16 years. Not to give these sites free publicity, but here are the two that I know of and are referencing here:

Let me know if there are others I need to be made aware of as well.

And as before, here is a gallery of all of the remaining Division I conference marks – enjoy:



  1. Erik

    Context is king. Why go to “wikipedia”-like sites, when colorwerx is THE real deal? Makes no sense to me. Colorwerx has my vote.

  2. Tom

    Thank you so much for your work on this project! I hope you’ll be able to work out your personal stuff quickly so you can continue on with this.

    As for using other resources, I would assume most people just don’t know any better. It’s not like most sites advertise themselves as having the wrong colors.

  3. Jeff

    Longtime member, so obviously I’m familiar with the CWX signal. Your work is indeed amazing.

    One question… an issue that arises from this new format. Where are the independents/service academies?

    • ColorWerx


      I’m looking into this again, but I don’t believe there are any other Division I schools that aren’t affiliated with a conference in some capacity.

      As far as the services academies go:

      * Army: Patriot League
      * Navy: Patriot League
      * Air Force: Mountain West

      I plan on having a comprehensive index of all schools at some point in the near future as well.

      • Jeff

        Ahh… Thank you, man. Given that I’m currently working with football, I did not think of checking to see what conferences the schools were associated with in other sports (which even for the affiliated teams can differ). That coupled with confusing myself by not noticing that in most cases “University of” doesn’t count towards the alphabetical order of the schools caused me to not be able to find them. BYU, ND, and the service academies weren’t coming up when I did a direct search, so I thought they were missing.

        Thanks a lot.

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