La Roche College - Athletics / Primary Mark: 2012-present

College Colors & Nicknames Updates: Four-Year Schools – L

La Roche College - Athletics / Primary Mark: 2012-present

La Roche College

All four-year schools beginning with the letter ‘L’ have been posted:

  • College Colors & Nicknames: FYR-L

Moving on to the letter ‘M’…as I’ve stated before, these updates are a slow and somewhat painful process…they require re-researching each school in order to make sure I catch any new identities or updates along that have happened since the last. I still miss things however; please let me know if any of you find anything that needs to be addressed.

I will still need to eventually go through all of the schools AGAIN to update other information such as enrollment numbers and the like…I will probably handle that once all of the four-year schools have been re-posted to the site.

THEN there is the fact that I haven’t updated the two-year and Canadian schools in years…

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