Cabrini College - Athletics Primary Mark: 2006-present

College Colors & Nicknames Updates: Four-Year Schools – C

Cabrini College - Athletics Primary Mark: 2006-present

Cabrini College

I have finally gotten the College Colors & Nicknames section completed for four-year colleges starting with the letter ‘C’:

  • College Colors & Nicknames: FYR-C

Some of the reasons for the delay in updates have to do with my current (corporate) job – a fairly long commute, combined with a fairly intense amount of database research and analysis makes it difficult to do a whole lot of work on ColorWerx until weekends.

I have also been going through each school individually to check for any style guide updates, additional artwork, etc. I am trying to keep this incredible amount of data up-to-date, but it can take a LOT of time to do so.

I will move on to the letter ‘D’, but I am also aware that I’m behind on a number of other projects, including getting the NHL Primary Marks and Jersey Crests updated, along with the Events section and a few other Pro Franchise Team Colors updates. I will try to get these completed shortly.

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