Abilene Christian U. - Athletics Primary Mark: 2013-present

College Colors & Nicknames Updates: Four-Year Schools – A

Abilene Christian U. - Athletics Primary Mark: 2013-present

Abilene Christian U.

I have begun the task of updating and re-adding the color palettes to the College Colors & Nickname section of the site. As before, I am beginning with all four-year schools beginning with the letter ‘A’, and working my way through the alphabet.

  • College Colors & Nicknames: FYR-A

Unlike before however, I am providing Hex/HTML and RGB values…previously I had shown the actual Pantone values, but want to be consistent with the Pro Franchise Team Colors section. Not to mention that I was taking a bit of a risk by displaying Pantone information.

I have literally hundreds (if not thousands) of collegiate color updates to go through, so updates might not go as fast as it did with the pro teams, but will be working as fast as I can. A LOT of information contained in these updates. However, the enrollment information is a year or so old now; will have to update that as well in the near future.

One of the most obvious requests I get with the college info is a method of grouping by conference – I do plan to address that in the future as well. Certainly would be a useful feature.

I will also develop sections for Bowl Games, Rivalry Games, Tournaments and other miscellaneous color sets as well.


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