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College Colors & Nicknames: New Conference Format

I have begun the task of reloading the College Colors & Nickname sections using the new team colors format (take a look at the Pro Franchises section if you haven’t yet), and also grouping the schools into the individual conferences.

Here are the first three leagues that have been completed:

The criteria used for this new format, is by providing current conferences, with current member institutions only. Former member institutions will not be found in these listings. However, I AM including associate members (those schools who are not full-time members, but participate in one or more sports). This will mean that there will be crossover of some schools who are full-time in one conference, but part-time in another. It’s really not that much more work for me; once a change is applied to a school, I would then need to regenerate the corresponding conference pages to keep them in synch.

You may also notice that I am building these conference sections as WordPress “Portfolio” items (as opposed to “Pages”) – this allows me to place a featured image in the header of the page…I am using it to put a conference logo in there when I can. Those conferences that I do not have a high-quality (read: vector graphic), I will use a placeholder logo in its place. Like the NCAA graphic at the top of this page. I am also planning on changing the Pro Franchises section to also use this new “Portfolio” design as well.

I already have the vast majority of data ready to go to keep publishing more and more conferences, but I am taking the opportunity to update enrollment numbers, and perform some other data integrity checks. And for some of the schools (those beginning with the letter “N” through “Z”), I am needing to check for updates to the school’s branding in a lot of cases.

Keep checking back for more conferences to be added…and as a bonus, here are some of the marks used by these three initial conferences:

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