College Colors & Nickname Updates

I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes making a lot of adjustments to the College Colors & Nicknames section…here are some of the latest updates:

  • Four-Year Schools: C
  • Four-Year Schools: I
  • Four-Year Schools: J
  • Four-Year Schools: M
  • Four-Year Schools: P
  • Four-Year Schools: V

In addition, I’ve been using a fantastic plugin called Broken Link Checker which takes all 14,000+ links on my site and tests them for validity and documents redirects.  I then have been able to update any broken URLs and/or correct any outdated links that are pointing to old websites.  An highly useful tool, for sure.

It’s difficult keeping track of all 1,653 four-year schools, and all of the changes that happen on a regular basis.  I really can use your help in assisting with the updates…if anyone notices an out-of-date color set, an incorrect conference affiliation, a broken link that I’ve missed – please let me know.  I really appreciate the assist.


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